Monday, August 22, 2011

World Youth Day Video: Faith and Entertainment, and How to Pray

This rather long video covers two separate groups of talks. The first topic is "Faith and Entertainment," and features Fr. Robert Barron, actors Matt Marsden and Clarence Gilyard, and others. The second topic is "How to Pray," and features several speakers including Fr. Thomas Rosica.

By the way, this video and a couple of the World Youth Day videos that I posted late last week are from the Love and Life Center in Madrid, which is "a home for English-speaking pilgrims" at World Youth Day. You can read more about the Love and Life Center on their website or in this article from Catholic World Report. You can also find other videos that I posted last week from the Love and Life Center at the following links:

World Youth Day Video: Theology of the Body
World Youth Day Video: Freedom of Religion and Other Topics

And the complete library of these World Youth Day videos from Salt and Light TV can be found here.

Also, as I stated when I posted some of the previous World Youth Day videos, there may be advertisements in this video, which I can't necessarily guarantee are non-offensive. If you use Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus, you probably won't see the ads.

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