Thursday, August 18, 2011

World Youth Day Video: Freedom of Religion and Other Topics

Several speakers are featured in this video from this year's World Youth Day in Madrid, including Archbishop Charles Chaput, Carl Anderson (supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus), Fr. Thomas Rosica, Helen Alvaré, and a filmmaker whose name I missed. The topics include religion and the media, freedom of religion, secularism, and legal issues around family and sexuality.

For links to more World Youth Day videos and information, please see my earlier post. And in case any advertisements appear in this video, I will repeat the following disclaimer:

The advertisements preceding each WYD TV video do not reflect the views of WYD Central or of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. This video service is provided free of charge by Livestream, and the advertising is controlled by Google. Ads displayed by Google vary according to the viewer, the account from which the videos are viewed and country of viewer. If you would like to keep Salt and Light videos commercial-free, learn how you can support our ministry.

UPDATE: I watched this video in another browser without ad-blocking software, and indeed it does have advertisements (a short commercial at the beginning, and a pop-up ad that displays at the bottom of the video, but that you can close). The ones I saw were not objectionable, but different people may see different ads. If you want to block the ads, you can try using Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus; that has worked for me.

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