Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live streaming video from World Youth Day 2011

Salt and Light TV presents the following live streaming video from World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, which runs from August 18 (today) to August 21.

You can also find the live World Youth Day video feed and archived World Youth Day videos here:

(Scroll down to find the archived videos; they are toward the bottom of the page.)

However, for these archived videos and for the live video stream that I embedded above, perhaps I should include the following disclaimer that I found here:

The advertisements preceding each WYD TV video do not reflect the views of WYD Central or of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation. This video service is provided free of charge by Livestream, and the advertising is controlled by Google. Ads displayed by Google vary according to the viewer, the account from which the videos are viewed and country of viewer. If you would like to keep Salt and Light videos commercial-free, learn how you can support our ministry.

I haven't seen any advertisements on the live video or on the archived videos, but that may be because I use ad-blocking software in my web browser. It does sometimes block even video ads.

Another good site for World Youth Day videos and information is World Youth Day Central.

Over the next few days, and especially next week, I will try to post some videos of specific talks from World Youth Day.

UPDATE: I watched this video in another browser without ad-blocking software, and indeed it does have advertisements (a short commercial at the beginning, and a pop-up ad that displays at the bottom of the video, but that you can close). The ones I saw were not objectionable, but different people may see different ads. If you want to block the ads, you can try using Mozilla Firefox with Adblock Plus; that has worked for me.

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