Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Third Way

I apologize for the very long hiatus from blogging here. I found the following video today, thanks to some participants on the Catholic Answers Forums. This is (apparently) the video that I mentioned a while back that Fr. John Hollowell was planning to make about Catholic teaching on homosexuality (though Fr. Hollowell is not actually in the video). I am very impressed with how the video turned out. Please watch it and share it with others. I believe that this video conveys the message that we Catholics need to get out into the public -- this "third way" that is neither the condemnation and bullying of homosexual persons that comes from some Christians, nor the approval of homosexual activity that comes from much of secular culture.

By the way, I recognized a couple of great Catholic bloggers among the people who were interviewed: Melinda Selmys of Sexual Authenticity, and Joseph Prever who is also known as Steve Gershom.

UPDATE: Not only does the general public need to hear the message of this video, but so do Catholics -- myself included. We need to take this message to heart, about being more welcoming and understanding of people who have same-sex attraction. As Melinda Selmys says in the video, the church must function as family and community to same-sex attracted people who are committed to chastity, and she calls us to task for not doing a very good job of it right now.

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