Friday, December 14, 2012

Minor Revisions with Jennifer Fulwiler - Episode 1

I posted last week about Jennifer Fulwiler's reality show Minor Revisions, which is airing in three episodes on NET NY, a Catholic TV network in New York. My wife and I watched the first episode as it aired live last night (we watched via the rather choppy internet stream), and now the full episode has been posted to YouTube:

Please see my previous post for information on when and where you can watch the next two episodes. (And if the next two episodes are posted to YouTube, I will post them here on this blog as well.)

(Video found on Aggie Catholics.)

UPDATE: According to Jennifer's blog, this episode was posted to YouTube only because many people had problems with the online streaming when it aired live. The episode will be available for a limited time only, so watch it while you can. Also, it sounds unlikely that the other two episodes will be posted to YouTube (but you can watch them via live streaming).

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