Thursday, November 8, 2012

Catholic Election Commentary

I was very disappointed and surprised at the results of this past Tuesday's election in the U.S. -- disappointed mainly because of what a second Obama term is likely to mean for religious liberty, abortion, and court appointments, and because a Romney victory was probably our last chance to repeal Obamacare.

I am briefly stepping out of my normal role of posting Catholic videos, in order to post some links to analysis of the election from a Catholic perspective, for any readers who might not have seen these articles and blog posts yet:

Fr. Z's reflection on the election

NCRegister: HHS Threat Undiminished

Monsignor Charles Pope: Difficult Days Ahead for the Church? (A quote: "Civil disobedience may be in our future." And Monsignor Pope is not normally given to overreaction or hyperbole.)

Monsignor Charles Pope: A Post Mortem on the Maryland Same Sex "Marriage" Referendum

Steven Greydanus: Decision 2012: Hitting Bottom? A Moment of Clarity

Matthew Archbold: Hitting Bottom

Matthew Archbold: We Are in Enemy Territory

Matthew Warner's lesson from the election

The Curt Jester's election thoughts

Election analysis from Donald R. McClarey of The American Catholic (A bit negative, but I can't say that I entirely disagree with it.)

George Weigel: Sifting Through the Wreckage

The Curt Jester: Pop Culture Presidency (This one is a little more hopeful for the future -- at least for 2016 and beyond.)

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