Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Video from Ireland debunks the "life of the mother" argument for abortion

If I understand correctly, abortion is currently illegal in Ireland, but there is a concerted effort to change that fact. Apparently the pro-abortion forces are using the idea of permitting abortion to save the life of the mother as a wedge issue to help pave the way to legalizing abortion in Ireland. The following video does an excellent job of obliterating this "life of the mother" argument:

One line that I thought was ironic in the video (and perhaps unintentionally so), was this:

In fact, the United Nations says that Ireland is one of the safest places for a mother to have a baby.

I assume that they mean safest for the mother. But of course, my first thought was that of course a nation where abortion is illegal would be one of the safest places for a mother to have a baby — because unlike many nations, Ireland protects that baby from being killed by abortion.

For more information on this video and on this issue, see

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