Thursday, February 2, 2012

Footprints of God Pilgrimages with Steve and Janet Ray

Have you ever thought of making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to see the places where Jesus walked, taught, performed miracles, and even rose from the dead? Steve Ray, a Catholic convert and author, and his wife Janet have been leading pilgrimages to the Holy Land for quite a few years, and I have heard nothing but excellent feedback about these trips.

I have been wanting for several years to take my family on one of Steve and Janet's pilgrimages. Unfortunately it just isn't a realistic option right now considering the ages of our children and considering the cost for an entire family. But in case anyone reading this blog might be in a position to consider a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, I present the following video:

You can get more information on Steve and Janet's many upcoming pilgrimages at the Footprints of God Pilgrimages web site.

Also in keeping with the video theme of this blog, I should mention Steve Ray's excellent Footprints of God DVD series. In these DVDs, Steve teaches about salvation history while going on location (to Israel, Egypt, Rome, etc.) to show where the major events of salvation history actually occurred. I have several of these DVDs, and I highly recommend them. They aren't quite as professionally produced as Fr. Barron's Catholicism series, but they are well-made and definitely worth watching.

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