Friday, January 20, 2012

Why I Love Religion, and Love Jesus: Response to a Viral Video

Since I don't have a Facebook account, I am somewhat out of the loop when it comes to viral videos. But I understand from reading various Catholic blogs that many people have seen a recent viral video called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus." The message of the video has some good points that Catholics can agree with, but it also has some points on which most Catholics would strongly disagree (as is pretty obvious from the video's title).

This viral video has led to a wide variety of response videos, as well as some very thorough Catholic blog posts critiquing the message of the original video. Here is what may be the best response video, from a Catholic priest:

I'm not a fan of the style of this video, but he is trying to imitate the style of the original video.

Here are some links to written replies and more video replies to the "Why I Hate Religion..." viral video:

Aggie Catholics round-up post

Jimmy Akin's response

Bad Catholic Blog's response

Finally, the Aggie Catholic blog reports that the creator of the original video apparently has had some second thoughts, and says that he would say things a bit differently if he could do the video over again.

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