Friday, January 6, 2012

David Blankenhorn on Marriage

In the following series of videos, David Blankenhorn delves deeply into the topic of marriage, and specifically why we should not re-define marriage as a gender-neutral institution (i.e., why we should not implement so-called same-sex "marriage").

These videos are not really Catholic videos, since Mr. Blankenhorn analyzes this issue from a decidedly secular perspective. However, most of his conclusions seem to be aligned reasonably well with Catholic teaching on this issue (though he does deviate from Catholic teaching on a few points), and he makes a powerful argument. Therefore, I thought that the videos were worth presenting on this blog.

I was not able to find embeddable versions of these videos, so please click on each link below to launch the corresponding video in a separate window or tab:

Video Clip 1 - Lecture

Video Clip 2 - Panel Discussion

Video Clip 3 - Audience Questions

(Found on the web site of the Vermont Marriage Advisory Council. Disclaimer: The Vermont Marriage Advisory Council is not a Catholic group, and I do not necessarily endorse everything on their web site.)

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